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There is no doubt that the Salesforce economy is now thriving today. According to a study from IDC, the Salesforce Economy would create about 9.3 Million jobs worldwide and add $1.6 trillion in revenue by 2026. Many businesses are now hiring Salesforce expertise to work as part of their in-house Salesforce teams. This indicates a fantastic opportunity to begin a new career in one of today’s most fascinating fields.

Salesforce has made switching careers as straightforward as possible: all you need is some time and determination. But,

  • From where do you start?
  • How do you choose the Salesforce career path which is best for you?
  • What are all the Salesforce career paths?
  • How much will you be paid once you start?

We have got you all covered! In this post, we discuss why Salesforce is a good career option and how CTU can help you choose the best Salesforce Career Path.

Why learn Salesforce?

Salesforce is the most sought-after cloud computing platform specializing in Customer Relationship Management systems. Offering a wide range of products and features with frequent updates, Salesforce helps all kinds of businesses to track customer activity, market to customers, and many more services.

Here is a list of reasons people are choosing to learn Salesforce and make a career. 

#1 Growing Demand for Salesforce Professionals

According to a recent study by International Data Corporation, there has been a significant increment in the number of Salesforce jobs worldwide. It’s no surprise that the CRM platform is doing well, and with its growth, we also see an increase in Salesforce job opportunities. There are a variety of jobs for Salesforce professionals- from marketing and management to sales and engineers. 

Businesses are undergoing a major digital transformation, and the cloud is critical to their success. As a result, improving abilities in cloud technologies such as Salesforce will serve as a springboard for success.

#2 High paying Job

As the demand for Salesforce professionals is growing, so is the salary for skilled professionals. Salesforce skills lead to competitive salaries, regardless of your role. Again, just like any profession, your skills and qualifications determine your pay scale. With the right guidance and skills, you can easily bag a job paying as high as 100,000 dollars per annum. 

#3 Career Growth

The next reason why you should learn about Salesforce is its growth potential. Let’s say you start a journey with Salesforce as a Junior position; you can move to the professional rank quicker when compared to any other profession where you have to work hard and be dedicated for years to get considered for a promotion. Salesforce careers are very fast-paced. Therefore you can advance very quickly to a senior position. Your salary also grows exponentially as you gain experience and build a portfolio. 

You can also change your Salesforce career at any time during your Salesforce career. There’s always room for new Salesforce technologies to be learned and expertise to be gained.

#4 High Return On Investment

Owing to the widespread application and relevance of Salesforce, you can rest assured that you will get high returns on the time you spend training in Salesforce. If you’re a recent graduate looking to get into the world of automation, high-quality training and skills can help you cement your place as a successful Salesforce professional working for some of the world’s most prestigious firms.

#5 Easy To Learn

Anybody can start their career in Salesforce, irrespective of their technical/ non-technical background or education level. You can easily have a successful job with a decent salary by trying to learn Salesforce. There are a variety of online courses and tutorials on the internet today, which can make your Salesforce journey easy by helping you understand the basic and advanced aspects of Salesforce. Take Trailhead, for example- documentation about Salesforce tools and concepts available to any user across the globe.

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What is CTU?

CTU, aka CEPTES Technopreneur University, is a CEPTES Purpose Beyond Profit program that brings fresh talent into the Salesforce Ecosystem. The initiative was started in response to the growing need for Salesforce employees worldwide.

CTU is an unparalleled peerless program that identifies and trains fresh talent to become Salesforce Certified Professionals so that they can be placed on high-profile projects and become Next-Gen Trailblazers. The project aims to attract aspiring trailblazers to the Salesforce ecosystem while supporting businesses in finding qualified Salesforce employees.

CTU is not confined to a training institute; instead, you are offered employment and the opportunity to learn on the Job. There is no better way to know if you ask us.

Why should you join CTU right away?

Looking at all the recent business trends, the rate at which Salesforce adoption is going on, and the platform gaining prominence- it is safe to say that Salesforce is here to stay. This cloud CRM is being adopted by many Fortune 500 companies, which is enough proof of how popular and in-demand Salesforce is today.  

Regardless of your school background or experience level, you have every right to consider a great Salesforce Career scope. And this is where CTU comes into the picture- it can help you realize your Salesforce dream. Joining CTU will not only accelerate your career in the Salesforce ecosystem, but you also get the opportunity to earn while learning. Yes, you get paid while learning! Many other advantages of joining CTU are:

  • You get trained with the most needed programming skills.
  • You get to network with like-minds
  • You are provided with a wide range of assistance to ensure your tech career thrives.
  • You’ll learn from industry leaders and train with the skills needed to succeed in today’s job market.
  • You’ll get mentored at every step to choose the best Salesforce career path for you.

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Curious about how to work at CEPTES CTU? You can click here to read more about CTU and the procedure to apply online. Also check out all our graduates that are now become proud Salesforce professionals.


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