The most effective approach to expand and develop your business, regardless of size—whether you’re a small startup or a giant enterprise corporation—is to use a CRM like Salesforce. To ensure you’re harnessing its full potential, you must, however, have a skilled workforce in place. 

With its current growth trajectory, Salesforce is defying the law of great numbers. For the First Quarter of Fiscal Year 2023, the company grew at a rate of more than 24% YoY.

To use a deep platform like Salesforce, people: who are capable of designing, developing, architecting, integrating, implementing, testing, managing, supporting, and building are needed. This explains why the Salesforce partner ecosystem is so extensive. 

Recruit or Retain?

Employers are struggling to acquire and retain tech talent as the platform has grown in recent years at a seemingly unstoppable rate, and as we got into the “new normal,” employee expectations are shifting.

As a business owner, you realize that a lack of the right expertise can adversely affect your projects-causing them to drag out or even fail. It may negatively impact your potential to serve customers or end-users, thereby hampering the desired business growth. 

How can you recruit and retain the talent that will shape your future in the face of a talent shortage and high employee expectations?

3 Top Strategies to overcome the talent shortages

Below mentioned are three strategic ways to address talent shortages:

  1. Enhance recruiting and retention
  2. Expand the talent pool.
  3. Buy talent/ contracting

Companies can try a combination of all three for the best results.

#1 Recruit & Retain

To date, this has been the preferred strategy for the majority of businesses looking to hire fresh talent. Companies will employ recruiters to discover talent, and set goals for them & provide incentives based on the quality and number of positions filled.

While many businesses stop there, some pay as much attention to employee retention as they do to hire.

The issue with this solution is that hiring recruiters is extremely expensive and challenging because of the talent scarcity that everyone is experiencing. Moreover, given that anyone can work virtually from anywhere, retention is not as simple as it once was. 

#2 Building your talent base

Recruiting won’t help you much while the market dynamics mentioned above are at work. Building a talent pool is becoming more and more crucial, whether you do so by collaborating with universities and workforce training programs to establish a pipeline system or by internally expanding your team through structured training and development initiatives. 

At CEPTES, we have different hands-on training initiatives to support our employees. For any business aiming for sustained success, it’s essential to build your talent pool. Although, it takes time and is a long-term investment.

#3 Buy talent

If a business needs a large workforce quickly or needs a specialized type of talent that it doesn’t currently have access to, this option can be the best course of action. You might be setting up a new practice, expanding into a new area, tackling a new industry, or you might have just landed a big contract.

You can leverage CTU (CEPTES Technopreneur University) for this. CTU is a Purpose Beyond Profit initiative by CEPTES to recruit and train new talent to become certified Salesforce professionals. 

This one-of-a-kind program aims to bring aspiring trailblazers to the Salesforce ecosystem and assist enterprises in hiring skilled Salesforce experts. We provide a highly-thorough and specialized training program to ensure that our talents are ready to make an effect right away. To hire the right candidates quickly and easily, get in touch with us today.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, all options are worth taking into account, and most businesses should utilize a combination of these strategies. Spend some time learning about your current talent demands and how they will likely change in the future and design your hiring plan. To hire the best Salesforce talents, get in touch with us today. 


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