Salesforce is one of the most extensively used CRMs worldwide, owing to its flexibility, customization capabilities, and workflow automation solutions. It allows businesses to automatically capture, manage, and evaluate their customer databases and provide tailored services to their customers.

All of these emphasize the need for skilled professionals and competent developers to execute & enhance the CRM for ultimate business growth. You can hire Salesforce developer to help you streamline the salesforce automation process. They develop Salesforce solutions and add continuous value to the three project stages: design, development, & deployment.

Let’s go over what exactly you should know before hiring them.

Who is a Salesforce developer?

A Salesforce developer assesses companies’ operations, creates CRM workflow in Salesforce, and delivers tailored solutions to meet specific business needs. The primary responsibility of the Salesforce developer is to create & deliver robust, secure, and flexible cloud-based solutions without bothering about application stacks or hardware deployment.

Salesforce developers assist users in:

  • Streamlining business processes
  • Integrating third-party platforms with Salesforce, 
  • Designing highly responsive layouts, 
  • Executing all required Salesforce implementation-related activities

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Day-to-day responsibilities of a Salesforce developer

A Salesforce developer is the backbone of an organization, so they have a lot on their plate. So, let’s take a closer look at their day-to-day responsibilities.

  • Organize meetings with the client to understand their needs & concerns and devise a strategy for resolving the issues and developing applications.
  • Hold meetings with the internal team to track the pending tasks and, premised on that, assess the priority tasks. 
  • Work on the testing process and salesforce implementation of the package.
  • Design every component of the desired application or system, outline their interconnection and recommend new software enhancements for the client’s existing systems.
  • Deal with potential discrepancies in data quality and develop strategies to overcome any potential system shortcomings, as well as assure enterprise data security and user profile maintenance.
  • Prepare technical documents for future reference.

Are certifications enough to hire Salesforce developer?

Salesforce provides several authorized paid-for exams that trailblazers can take to validate their platform knowledge with the relevant certification. There are various Salesforce Developer certifications available. 

Is Salesforce certification, however, essential when hiring a developer? This is a common question asked not only by recruiters but also by Salesforce specialists.

Most qualified professionals believe that having certificates backs up their knowledge and expertise. At the same time, many of them feel that the absence of certification is readily offset by the working knowledge of the platform, as you learn many things as you go.

While certifications are a significant advantage, there are other skills you should look for in a developer. The most crucial skill is problem-solving. Besides this, the Salesforce developer must have a thorough knowledge of the Salesforce platform, both in platform-related and technical areas. Knowledge of JavaScript, APEX and Visual Force is required.

How to screen a Salesforce developer?

You can try the following three forms of screening to find the best candidates:

#1 Technical Screening

Since the position of a Salesforce developer is highly technical, ensure that your candidates are technically competent. Only hire people proficient in Salesforce tools & technologies such as, Lightning App Builder, Heroku, and others.

#2 Resume Screening

When recruiting a Salesforce developer, a CV is usually a recruiter’s initial point of reference. Make sure to assess every CV and shortlist the applicants accordingly thoroughly. Look for impressive credentials in resumes to make your judgments easier. A Salesforce certification is the most prominent certificate for a Salesforce professional because it is an official certificate of authenticity of their skills.

#3 Personal Interview Screening

This is the screening step, where you interact with the candidates and draw conclusions based on their knowledge, capabilities, and attitude. Whether it’s an on-premise/ remote interview, try to assess their technical skills and conduct it fully.

The Bottom Line:

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