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Salesforce development is a fast-growing IT job with significant potential for a high salary and industry recognition. It also allows an individual to put their skills to the test and demonstrate them, ensuring professional satisfaction.

If you are someone who loves coding and creative challenges or think coding sounds like something you would enjoy doing as a career, Salesforce Developer might be what you’re looking for. 

Sounds about right? Then keep reading, because we cover all you need to know about Salesforce Developers and more in this post.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that provides a single, shared picture of every customer to every business team- from sales and marketing to commerce, service, and beyond. 

Because of its highly scalable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, the platform is rated one of the Best Global Brands and has a big influence on the tech industry. Salesforce’s CRM strives to bridge the gap between customers and enterprises by making it easier to track several departments.

Who is a Salesforce Developer?

A Salesforce Developer is a software developer who specializes in creating software and products for users, frequently using Salesforce’s proprietary programming languages.

The three main technology used by a Salesforce Developer are:

  • APEX, which is Salesforce’s proprietary programming language, which is quite similar to Java.
  • Visual Force is a markup language that may be used to create custom Salesforce pages. 
  • Lightning Component Framework is a framework for developing user interfaces.

These technologies are used by Salesforce developers to create apps and workflows. Even though this is a technological job, it entails more than just programming. To ensure that the needs are addressed, they must collaborate with support, sales, and marketing. QA, debugging, testing, and user documentation are all responsibilities of Salesforce Developers.

How to become a Salesforce Developer?

Although it is possible to work as a Salesforce Developer without formal qualifications, many organizations prefer candidates who have computer science degrees as well as certification through Salesforce’s proprietary training programs. The more certificates you get, the easier it gets for you to land a job. 

Once you have completed a computer science degree with a major in web development, you can go for Salesforce proprietary programming language certification through one or more of the training programs. After completing your certification course, you can start looking for jobs with companies that use Salesforce products frequently.

Key skills required to be an efficient Salesforce Developer in 2022

#1 Administration Skills

Any Salesforce Developer should be able to recite their Admin certificates off the top of their heads. Yes, you want to work as a Salesforce Developer, but the truth is that your ability to write code and design solutions is only as good as your ability to configure them. Configuration is a fundamental Admin skill.

#2 Technical Skills

Salesforce developers should, by definition, be able to code. But it isn’t as straightforward as that. Salesforce employs languages like Apex and Visual Force, and developers should at the very least be comfortable with the foundations. A Salesforce Developer should also be familiar with the following technical skills:

  • A Salesforce Developer must be able to design web services using APEX and other tools.
  • A Salesforce Developer must be well-versed in all of Salesforce’s concepts like AppExchange and others.
  • C# and JavaScript fundamentals
  • Salesforce Developers must be familiar with both Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) and Structured Query Language (SQL).
  • Must understand and have knowledge of basic fundamentals of jQuery, to navigate tools like Visual Force and the Salesforce Lightning component more quickly.

#3 Soft Skills

Soft skills are an unappreciated attribute of exceptional Salesforce Developers. Even if you have encyclopaedic coding expertise, if you can’t effectively communicate across key stakeholders, manage many projects successfully, or comprehend and translate business needs appropriately- chances are you might not be what companies would be looking for as a Salesforce Developer. 

As a Salesforce Developer, you’ll collaborate with other engineers, developers, and stakeholders who have varied levels of platform experience. They should be able to easily and confidently collaborate and work with other task forces/clients.

Developers should, to some extent, have fundamental project management abilities to complete their tasks on time. The same can be said for problem-solving abilities, as it is a developer’s full-time duty to resolve any minor concerns that arise while working in a company.

#4 Creative Skills

Understanding customer requirements, which can be fairly abstract, and then visualizing a new method that would match these criteria requires a creative mind.

Developers are, in fact, some of the most innovative people on the planet. They frequently have to write coding from scratch, which necessitates a high level of creativity and problem-solving abilities.

#5 Analytical Skills

To be an effective Salesforce Developer in 2022, you must have a thorough awareness of customers’ needs. It’s also important to have the expertise to translate these requirements into usable design and code.

Wrapping Up

A career as a Salesforce Developer has a broad scope and has shown nothing but growth since its inception. However, it is also one that will provide you with numerous challenges and barriers. To avoid becoming caught in the middle of the road, you’ll need the right equipment and training to stay ahead of the pack.

If you want to become a successful Salesforce Developer in 2022, you must have a balance of all- administration skills, technical skills, soft skills, creative skills and analytical skills. Want to learn more about Salesforce Developers? Contact us today!


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