Salesforce introduces a variety of new features every year in seasonal releases, including its Spring Release as well as Summer Release. 

As a Salesforce professional, it’s essential to keep abreast with the most recent releases and embrace the latest technologies that can improve your daily work experience in Salesforce.

It’s not easy to handle and it’s not always simple. 

So how do you stay current with the most recent Salesforce developments? 

Here are nine ways to start your journey towards becoming a Salesforce Certified Professional.


Get moving by using Trailhead

The ability to learn is a top requirement for any person working in Salesforce. According to a study, 90% of Salesforce employees claim they’d be at their employer for longer if they were invested in training.

This is clearly the top priority in the lives of Salesforce professionals. If you’re a professional working in Salesforce it is important to focus on learning as much as you can. This can help you get more efficient and increase your workload and allow you to perform your work more effectively. It’s a win-win situation, in fact.



In the Trailhead maintaining your skills, the current is effortless, because there are specific paths and guides for how you can make use of the latest capabilities in Salesforce throughout your company.

If you’re just beginning to learn about Salesforce, we would highly recommend that you sign-up to Trailhead right away, so that you can begin learning in your own time at your own pace.


Watch Trailhead Live

If you’re planning to take the certification exam and require advice or tips and tricks to become more efficient on the job, Trailhead Live is a good place to begin. You can stream live or on-demand video clips from experts in a range of topics and expertise.


Use the Trailblazer Community

This community is an amazing component that is part of Salesforce Ohana. It’s an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge from those who’ve “done it all before” regarding your work. Anyone is welcome to inquire, discuss questions that are already answered, look into the resolution of questions, or even share their own ideas.

In addition, with The Trailblazer Community, you have an amazing opportunity you can contribute to your ecosystem. You can provide answers to fellow Trailblazers, and earn the reputation of being a valuable source of information. This can boost your standing in the community.

You can also be involved in discussions by participating in the various Q&As that are available on Salesforce Stack Exchange or the Salesforce Developer Discussion Forums.


Don’t forget about the MuleSoft Community as well as Tableau

MuleSoft Community is a free entry point to becoming an integration expert. Through it, you’ll be able to connect, learn and share your knowledge to the wider community. This is the same for Tableau which is an excellent location to seek answers, be inspired or join the larger community.


Use online collaboration groups

There’s an abundance of groups for collaboration in which teams and users can inquire about Salesforce and share their work or work with other Trailblazers within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Through them, you can talk about forthcoming workshops and training sessions with your colleagues, connect with Trailblazers with the same interests or find the perfect mentor. It’s an inspiring and knowledgeable community that’s almost sure to keep you ahead of the curve in Salesforce. Here’s a helpful list of groups that you can join and interact with.


And Of course, Trailblazer Community Groups

We would highly recommend that anyone who is the leader of the Salesforce team locate their closest Trailblazer Community Group. They’re extremely motivating and are a great method to stay in line with the rest of your team. They’re also a fantastic method to share your knowledge to the wider community.

Find out more about Trailblazer Community Groups here.


Events could help bring Salesforce back to life. Therefore, make sure you are aware of these

Salesforce is almost always hosting at least one event or another, regardless of where you are located in the world. They range between Dreamforce and World Tours. Take a look at forthcoming Salesforce shows here.

Additionally, there’s Salesforce Live, a fantastic online event that is stand-alone. It also features a fantastic collection of past events that are hosted as videos, loaded with inspirational stories from different industries and useful advice that will help Salesforce users.


Community Conferences

Community Events are organized through the Salesforce community members themselves. They’re an authentic opportunity to meet other members of the community while studying more about Salesforce generally.

These conferences will enable you to connect with others through a series of sessions that span from the beginner to the more advanced level.

You will locate some of the most popular community events on this page.


Stay up-to-date by joining your knowledge of the Salesforce Champion program…or become one!

CEPTES Technopreneur University (CTU) is a Salesforce training program created to motivate and empower individuals in the Salesforce ecosystem to achieve their goals. It certainly does! Join the program and perhaps, you end up becoming one.

The CTU program is designed to highlight the amazing work that individuals like you perform within the community. When you master Salesforce, you’ll be “in the know” on everything Salesforce and have access to the sought-after Salesforce Community.


Summing Up:

In the end, although there’s a lot you can do to keep your skills up to date it is also possible to reduce your workload and increase your standing in a thriving environment.

To know more about our training programs, connect with us. We would be happy to associate with you. 

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